“…You utter falsehoods even in your prayer [Salāt]. Because you say, ‘Allāh is Great’, but you are lying – there are gods in your heart. Anything that you rely upon is your god. Everything that you fear and hope from, is your god.  You don’t bear in your heart that which you utter by your mouth. Your actions betray your words. Say ‘Allāh is Great’, a thousand times from your heart before you utter it once from your tongue. Have you no shame that even as you say: ‘There is no God but Allāh..’ there are a thousand gods in your heart?

Repent! Return to Allāh! You, who claims knowledge, but who is content with just its name. What use is it when you say ‘I am a scholar’ and it is a falsehood? How does it not bother you that you preach to others but do not practise yourself? Says Allâh: “Why do you command that which you do not practice yourselves?” [As-Şaff;v.2]

Shame on you! You exhort people to be truthful and are liar yourself; you enjoin monotheism [tawĥīd] but are a polytheist [mushrik] yourself; you preach of sincerity but are a hypocrite yourself; you talk of forsaking sins, but are an awful sinner – have you no shame? if you had any faith [īmān], you would be ashamed. The Prophet şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam has said: ‘Modesty and bashfulness is from faith

Al Fat’ĥ ar-Rabbānī, the 22nd sermon