It has reached me from al-Ĥasan raĥimahullāh that he used to repeat these words he had memorized from the Torah: “The son of adam is wealthy if he is content; safe if he is a recluse; a free man, if he renounces his lust; chivalrous when he renounces jealousy; and if he remains patient for a short while he shall taste comfort for a longer span.”
A recluse is spared the agony of witnessing a vile thing which he cannot stop or change
It is said a mishap befell Yūnus ibn Úbayd and someone said:: ‘Why doesn’t Ibn Áwn [your friend] come to you?’ He replied: ‘As long as we are certain of our brother’s love, it is no harm if he doesn’t come to us’.
irđa bi’llāhi şāĥiban, wa dhari’n nāsa jānibā
qallibi’n nāsa kayfa shiyta tajidhum áqāribā
Be pleased with the company of Allāh and leave men at a side,
Examine men; and you will find (most of) them like scorpions howsoever you turn them over.
zamānuka dhā zamāni luzūmu baytin
wa ĥifžuka li’l lisāni wa khafđi şawtin
Your age, is the age of staying in homes
And of safeguarding your tongues and lowering your voices.
fa idhā şāĥibta fa’ş’ĥab şāĥiban
dhā ĥayā’yin wa áfāfin wa karam
qawluhū fi’sh shayyi lā in qulta lā
wa idhā qulta naám qāla naám
If you want a companion, find one
Who is modest, virtuous and generous
If you say ‘no’ for something he agrees
And if you say ‘yes’, he does likewise.
lā tas’allanna bunayy ādama ĥājatin
wa sali’lladhī abwābuhu lā taĥjabu
Allāhu yaghđabu in tarakta su’āluhū
wa bunayya ādamu ĥīna yus’alu yaghđabu
Ask not the children of Adam when in need,
Ask Him instead, whose doors are never closed.
Allāh will be displeased if you do not ask him,
And the children of Adam are displeased if you ask them [repeatedly].
Among the virtues of reclusion are that one is spared the maladies of sight – of gazing upon the adornment of the world and it’s flowers; protection from that which Allâh has condemned. It’s ornamentation and deception, which is its biggest flaw. In reclusion, the self [nafs] is spared from learning of the worldly [pleasures] or considering it noble and praiseworthy; or from imitating the dwellers of this world or trying to rival them [in those pursuits.]
Selections from Kitāb al-Úzlah [The book of Reclusion] by Imām Bustī