All praise to Him who made death to snap the necks of the powerful; and breaks the backs of the Chosroes; and with it, He has cut short the aspirations of monarchs (Caesars) – they who did not check their [infinite] hopes by remembering death, the disliked.They remained negligent, until the promise of Allāh came true and shoved them into a pit; they were dislodged from their palaces and thrown into their graves. They were taken away from shining lights and cradles to the darkness of their sepulchers; they were interrupted from playing with little girls and boys and sent to face the terrifying company of vermin and worms.They were removed from the luxury of rich food and drink, to wallow in the soil; from the comfort of good company to the desolateness of being lonely. They were thrown away from their comforable mattresses into a pernicious burrow.

Heed ye! Did they find a place to run away from death or hide from it? Could they deceive it by hiding behind a veil or inside a fort? Listen: ‘Do you sense anyone among them, or hear their beseeching?’ [Surah Maryam]

Glory be to Him who is Alone and unquestioned in power and exaltedness; and He Alone shall be forever. He has humbled the creation by compelling them to be annihilated. And He made death a deliverer for the pious; and an appointment for them to meet their Beloved. He made the grave, a prison for criminals; a constricted dungeon for them until the day of Judgement. For, on that day shall be the bestowing of gifts and enriching presents; and that day shall be of reckoning, of retribution and the Wrath of the Almighty. We thank Him in the heavens and the earth and Praise be unto Him, from first to last. Salutations on our Master Muĥammad şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam, the personage of manifest miracles; and compelling signs; and upon his progeny and his companions. May many more salutations be upon them all.

Al-Ghazali, Iĥyā Úlūm ad-Dīn, Preface of the Chapter on Death