Ĥasan rađiyallāhu ánhū narrates: Suhayl ibn Ámr, Ĥārith ibn al-Hishām and Abū Sufyān ibn al-Ĥarb were among the Quraysh notables waiting at the door of the Commander of the Faithful [amīr al-mu’minīn] Úmar ibn al-Khaţţāb rađiyallāhu ánhū. Şuhayb and Bilāl – freed slaves and those among those who participated in Badr – were also waiting with them.

Úmar’s son came out and took the latter inside. Abū Sufyān said, ‘I have never seen a day like this, when slaves are allowed in and we are left at the door without being even considered’.

Suhayl ibn Ámr said – and he was a wise man – ‘People! I see anger in your faces.  Be not angry, except on your own selves. These people were invited [to Islam] and so were you. They hastened [in accepting Islām] and you deliberated. Imagine what may happen if they are invited [into paradise] on judgement day and you shall be left standing?’

Ibn al-Jawzi, Chapter 38, p.98/99; Manāqib Úmar ibn al-Khaţţāb